Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top 10 Countries I Want To Visit...

The secret to enjoying life: travel

(in order)

1. France

From the sites to the food to the culture, France really appeals to me.

2. Spain

I have heard nothing but great things about Spain from those who have experienced it.

3. Italy

I would love to spend about a week in one of those houses.

4. Egypt

I was intrigued as a child, still intrigued as an adult.

5. Kenya

I want to see the Africa I experienced in National Geographic.

6. Brazil

South American culture seems to be really unique, obviously something worth experiencing.

7. Japan

I think Japan would feel like you weren't really alive, but in some sort of dream.

8. Greece

The history, the people, the food...I don't know if I would ever come back.

9. Mexico

No thanks on Tijuana, but sign me up for everything south of there.

10. Canada

I think Canada would be a really interesting place to discover how different it is from the U.S.

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