Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soundtrack to the Apocalypse: The Top 10 Songs I Would Listen to as the World Ends...

According to the Mayan, the apocalypse is set to take place on Decemeber 23rd, 2012. I guess we'll have to wait to find out about the accuracy of that, but I am prepared just in case the proverbial end comes earlier than expected. We've all thought about it: "how would I react to finding out that I have only a few hours left to live?" I can't answer for you, but I do know that I have a list of songs that would make up the soundtrack to my final moments of my life on this planet (this is an actual playlist on my iPod). Half of the songs are pure ambient, the other half of them hold an abyss of emotion for me personally and would therefore comfort me in those final moments of contemplating what it all had meant.

(in order)

1. Crowded House - "Don't Dream It's Over"
2. M83 - "I Guess I'm Floating"
3. Bob Dylan - "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
4. Modest Mouse - "Blame It on the Tetons"
5. Stars of the Lid - "The Evil that Never Arrived"
6. M83 - "Slight Night Shiver"
7. Sigur Rós - "Untitled 4 ("Njósnavélin")"
8. Aphex Twin - "Avril 14th"
9. Moby - "Chord Sounds"
10. Radiohead - "Motion Picture Soundtrack"

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