Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guest List: The Broken Parade

Welcome to the latest edition of "Guest List". Each week, we ask one of our favorite artists to fill us in on what they've been up to lately: which tracks they can't stop spinning, what books they can't put down, and what new bands they've caught on tour. This week, it's none other than internet blogger The Broken Parade (a.k.a. Mikeal Davis).

Favorite new songs of the past year?

I ranked Kevin Drew's "Untitled 2" as my favorite song of 2008. The intro and outro of Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals" and "Animal in You Care" + "Call It a Ritual" off of Wolf Parade's album rounded out the top 5 for the year.

Favorite older songs of the moment?

I watched a really great documentary about the kidnapping/corruption epidemic in Sao Paulo, Brazil called 'Manda Bala' and it had a great song by Tim Maia titled "Nobody Can Live Forever". Other than that, I was introduced to a Stevie Nicks demo titled "Blue Water" which is apparently a stolen demo from many years ago. Still a great song.

Favorite new band?

Not that I think their album is that AMAZING, but it's still a good listen: Empire of the Sun

Artist with whom I'd most like to collaborate?

Greg Gillis (a.k.a. Girl Talk). I think Greg and I could spend a month together working on samples and come up with "Feed the Animals 2.0" pretty quickly. He is really amazing and what a great personality.

Favorite song ever?

"Southern Cross" by Crosby, Stills & Nash. "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac is closely following. Both songs are a source of great inspiration, nostalgia for me. I've listened to both songs a ridiculous amount of times in my life and they keep getting better so...

Last great concert you saw?

Wolf Parade at Southgate House in Newport, KY. I had been waiting to see them for over 3 years and they certainly did not disappoint. Loud, energetic and amazing. My only complaint was that they did not play "Dinner Bells" but I did get to request it from co-lead singer Dan Boeckner, so that was kool.

Last great book you read?

I haven't picked up a book in quite some time. I do know that the last book I was reading was a biography on sci-fi write Phillip K. Dick.

Favorite piece of musical equipment?

The computer, more specifically Sony Acid Mix software.

Favorite record shop?

The internet. Haha. I used to work at a Karma Records, so I have to give the nod to Karma...despite the fact that they're going the way of the dinosaur.

First record you bought for yourself?

I think it was summer of 1987? I was heading to Florida the next morning and I picked up Def Leppard 'Hysteria' tape at Target. It pretty much became my world for that week ahead.

One popular band you would like to see fade into obscurity?

Where do I start? Fall Out Boy quickly comes to mind.

One obscure band you think should be more popular?

In the internet age, this is a hard question to answer. I think Alaska in Winter is certainly being overlooked. I think Abe Vigoda are doing some really interesting and different things with music. I also think Deerhunter deserves to be heard by more people.

Best purchase of the past year?

I'd have to say upgrading to the 80GB iPod classic. The 30GB just was not allowing me the freedom to dump bulk amounts of music onto it. I am sure at some point, the 80GB will be replaced with the 120GB. That'll be awhile though.

Best you thing you did in the past year?

Finally getting back out to the Los Angeles after a 4 year hiatus plus I went with Monique, so it was great to be with her as she experienced it for the first time.

Favorite TV show at the moment?

I consider 'PTI' a ritual more than mere entertainment. I still love 'Intervention' and 'Good Eats' amongst others.

Favorite radio program?

NPR All Songs Considered/WECI 91.5

Your ringtone?

"It sounds like I am in a dentist office". Call me old fashioned, call me what you will but I just go with the standard ring. Nothing fancy.

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