Tuesday, February 17, 2009

5 Artists I Would Like to See Live (If I Had a Time Machine) Vol. 2

The artists listed are either:

A) dead
B) still alive but I have no desire to see them now
C) the band is no longer performing together
D) some/all of the above

1. Fleetwood Mac, 1980

I am actually breaking my own rule here and going to see Fleetwood Mac live this April on their final "farewell tour". Something about seeing Fleetwood Mac towards the end of the 'Tusk' tour would be way too much to pass up. To me, this was the most creative period in Mac's history. The cocaine use was rampant, the music was amazing and the 80's were only beginning.

song I would most want to see performed: "Beautiful Child"

2. Neil Young, 1973

I saw Neil Young at Farm Aid in 2001 and it was amazing. Neil (like Fleetwood Mac) is on my short list of artists I would see perform from their deathbed. However, if I were able to choose a point in time that I could see Neil Young it would most definitely be in 1973. Neil would play all the soon-to-be legendary tracks from 'Harvest' along with all his other previously released gems.

song I would most want to see performed: "Journey Through the Past"

3. Harry Chapin, 1981

Let's get one thing straight here: I absolutely love Harry Chapin. I understand that he will always be known for "Cat's in the Cradle", but Chapin was so much more than that one hit song. A dedicated humanitarian who fought to help end world hunger, Chapin often played shows for the price of a few canned goods. Harry Chapin made his audiences a part of the intimate live experience, regaling them in story and life lessons. If I had the chance, I would pay just about any dollar amount to see Harry Chapin live.

song I would most want to see performed: "W*O*L*D*"/"Story of a Life"

4. Pink Floyd, 1975

5 years after the loss of their lead singer Syd Barrett to prolonged LSD abuse, and only 2 years after the release of the mammoth success "Dark Side of the Moon", Pink Floyd found themselves on top of the music industry...and they didn't like it. So, in 1975 Pink Floyd created a 4 song album about 2 subjects: their fallen leader Syd Barrett ("Shine on You Crazy Diamond"/"Wish You Were Here) and the record industry ("Welcome to the Machine"/"Have a Cigar"). I personally think that this was most the creative point in their career, so naturally I would choose to see them at that time.

song I would most want to see performed: "Wish You Were Here"

5. N.W.A., 1989

You would be an idiot to not want to see the Mount Rushmore of west coast rap music. N.W.A. created an entire genre of music that still flourishes today. N.W.A. were only around from 1987 to 1991, but in that short amount of time they changed everything. Just the thought of seeing these guys in their very early 20's is enough to make you want to invent a real flux capacitor.

song I would most want to see performed: "Straight Outta Compton"

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