Friday, May 22, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite G.I. Joe's...

(in order)

1. Storm Shadow

So, I understand that Storm Shadow was Cobra...but, he was just so kool that I cannot place him anywhere other than at the #1 spot. My mom decided it would be a good idea to show me that she bought Storm Shadow as a Christmas gift...but it was not intended for me, it was for my cousin Rodney...WHO DIDN'T EVEN PLAY WITH G.I. JOE'S!!!!! I've never really got over that one.

2. Dusty

Dusty gets the #2 spot because he was the first G.I. Joe I ever owned. Kmart, a few aisles over from the spinning frozen coke machine... I discovered the world of G.I. Joe. For some reason I picked Dusty...or did he pick me?

3. Quick Kick

Quick Kick earns #3 due to my love of karate/martial arts around the same time that I really loved G.I. Joe. Quick Kick was not match for Storm Shadow, but, he was really kool looking.

4. Snake Eyes

We all know how bad ass Snake Eyes was, no reason to give a reason for him being in my top 5.

5. Tomax & Xamot

Yes, more Cobra. I don't know why the "Cobra Twins" were so great to me, but I really liked the idea of one having a scar and that was the only way you could tell them apart.

6. Flint

I never owned Flint, never even found him for retail sale. Flint was the kool Duke in my opinion. Duke may have won the looks contest, but Flint probably had more kills under his belt.

7. Firefly

Dude, Firefly and Snake Eyes...had they joined forces and created an alliance, it would have been a wrap.

8. Tunnel Rat

Tunnel Rat just looked like Billy from Predator, this was most likely not a coincidence.

9. Zandar

Zandar looked like someone from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The orange hair was unlike any other G.I. Joe I had ever seen before. Future great band name: "Zandar The Enemy".

10. Lifeline

What Lifeline did wasn't so glamorous, but he just looked really kool while he did it.

Honorable mention:

Snow Job
The Fridge
Road Pig
Cobra Commander

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