Thursday, May 14, 2009

27 Years Ago Today: The Clash release "Combat Rock"...

'Combat Rock' is a 1982 album released by The Clash. It was the last album to feature the classic line-up before Mick Jones was fired and Topper Headon was kicked out for his heroin addiction. Although the album includes different styles of music, it is considerably more straight-forward and less experimental than their previous album 'Sandinista!'. In the United Kingdom the album charted at #2, spending 23 weeks in the UK charts. The album reached #7 in the United States, spending 61 weeks on the chart, and was certified platinum.

'Combat Rock' was originally planned as a double album with the working title Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg, but the idea was scrapped after internal wrangling within the group. Mick Jones had mixed the first version, but the other members were dissatisfied and mixing/producing duties were handed to Glyn Johns, at which point the album became a single LP. The original mixes have since been obtained and subsequently bootlegged.

Pennie Smith shot the cover photo for 'Combat Rock' on a deserted railway line outside Bangkok while the band was on their "Far East" tour in 1982. Following along the same note as Sandinista!, 'Combat Rock's' catalogue number 'FMLN2' is the acronym for the El Salvador political party 'Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional' or FMLN.

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