Friday, May 15, 2009

5 Movies That Even I am Surprised I Haven't Seen Yet, Vol. 2...

I've seen a lot of movies in my life...and through the years I have attempted to see many of the films considered to be "culturally important" by film critics. I have had years to see the movies listed below, however...they have been continuously pushed further down the list of "I need to see that someday".

1. Field of Dreams

This one is just embarassing to admit. I have seen parts, but not enough to qualify me to say "I've seen parts". The ending has been spoiled for me by countless countdown shows so I suppose I will let that be my excuse (although, I really don't have one...)

2. Gladiator

You know, I'm not that crazy about Russell Crowe. I'm also only mildy interested in the Roman empire. I love the director: Ridley Scott, but for some reason I have passed on this Academy Award winner of best picture many, many times.

3. The Untouchables

Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner (pre- "Waterworld") and directed by Brian De Palma. I honestly don't know how I've missed this one. This one is quickly become a priority the more I sit here and think about it.

4. Twin Peaks

I guess the reason I haven't seen this is because I never saw the tv series "Twin Peaks". Here is the weird thing, the movie is actually a prequel to the tv series. I somehow feels as though I should have the same experience as those who watched the series THEN saw the film, so I will stick by that excuse (read: reason) for not seeing this one yet.

5. The Big Chill

Considered to be one of the "whitest" films of all-time, I'd still like to see it. A virtual who's who of popular actors at the time ( Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, Kevin Kline) "The Big Chill" was nominated for an Oscar in the best picture category and remains a staple of popular culture.


*It was not my intention to list 3 different Kevin Costner films (Kevin Costner was cast as the dead character Alex in the "Big Chill", but nearly all of his scenes were cut, except the one of his hair in the casket).

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