Thursday, May 28, 2009

5 Movies That Even I am Surprised I Haven't Seen Yet, Vol. 3...(Horror Films Edition)

I've seen a lot of movies in my life...and through the years I have attempted to see many of the films considered to be "culturally important" by film critics. I have had years to see the movies listed below, however...they have been continuously pushed further down the list of "I need to see that someday".

1. Evil Dead

The 1981 cult classic...that I (sigh) have never seen. Up until 2006, I had never taken in a single scene of "The Godfather" triology. At that time, I made sure to keep this information under wraps due to the fact that I am considered somewhat of a film, how could I justify not seeing two of the greatest films of all time? Well, Evil Dead is my new "Godfather" in terms of cultural neglect. Why have I not seen "Evil Dead"?

2. Evil Dead 2

see # 1

3. The Night of the Living Dead

Black and white creepy is totally different than color creepy. Every horror movie countdown includes this one. I will watch this before 2009 is over.

4. Dawn of the Dead

Zombies man. I refuse to watch the 2004 remake, so I guess I better see the original.

5. Hellraiser

Truth be told, Hellraiser just seems like it would make me uncomfortable (considering it is based on sadomasochism) and Pinhead...legitimately creeps me out. It might be awhile before I get to this one.

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