Monday, December 14, 2009

The Top 10 Films I Saw in 2009...

Here is my list of the best films I saw this year. As always, I did not see a lot of 'new' films...therefore, I often find myself digging into the past in order to find quality films that I have missed along the way. The following films were new to me... and by far the best that I saw in 2009.

(in order)

1. "Stardust Memories"

2. "Country Boys"

3. "Bigger, Stronger, Faster"

4. "The Wrestler"

5. "Kurt Cobain: About A Son"

6. "Manda Bala (Send A Bullet)"

7. "Mister Lonely"

8. "Bringing Out The Dead"

9. "Fantastic Mr. Fox"

10. "The Future Is Unwritten: Joe Strummer"

Honorable Mention:

Man on Wire
Burn After Reading
Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell
Capitalism: A Love Story
Kramer vs. Kramer
Paranoid Park
Pineapple Express

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