Friday, April 10, 2009

Up Next on the Stage: Damien Jurado...

I consider Damien Jurado and his music to be a milemarker in my life. The song "Ohio" represents the moment in which I took my first step into the ocean of indie music. Nearly ten years later, I have never looked back and that song still pulls and tugs at my heart strings for the full three minutes and fourty-two seconds. Damien Jurado's music was exactly what I needed in my life and it has made me into who I am today. Tomorrow nite, I will finally experience the songs of Damien Jurado performed live and in person. I have had several opportunities to see Jurado over the years, only to pass them up, but...this time I am not letting him slip away.


Damien Jurado is a singer/songwriter in the indie-rock tradition of Seattle, Washington. Damien Jurado's solo career began during the mid-1990s, with him releasing lo-fi folk based recordings on his own cassette-only label, Casa Recordings. Gaining a local cult following in Seattle, he was brought to the attention of Sub Pop Records by Sunny Day Real Estate singer Jeremy Enigk and later signed to the label.

Songs I most want to see performed:

Johnny Go Riding
Denton, TX
Rehearsals for Departure
I Had No Intentions
White Center
Go First
Air Show Disaster
Everything Trying

Suggested listening:

'Rehearsals For Departure' (1999)

'Ghost of David' (2000)

'I Break Chairs' (2002)

'Where Shall You Take Me?' (2003)

'On My Way to Absence' (2005)

'And Now That I'm in Your Shadow' (2006)

'Caught in the Trees' (2008)

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