Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Top 10 Scariest VHS Horror Film Covers...

As a child, a trip to the local video store was a pretty big deal. I knew I would be walking out with no less than 1, and no more than 3 videos. Exploring all corners of the video store often meant a scan of the "Horror" section. This was of course quite terrifying on my young eyes. The following list is a detailed account of the ten most terrifying VHS covers I ever encountered.

(In order)

1. The Exorcist

This cover still scares me. Something about that light shining down on the priest really etched this one in my mind as purely terrifying.

2. Poltergeist II: The Other Side

Carol Anne on a sheet of black, talking on a toy phone. This said.

3. Children of the Corn

That sickle in shadow against the blood red sky explains it all.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2

This one certainly wins the goriest award of this list. This photo of Leatherface and family hypnotized (read: horrified) my young mind more than once.

5. April Fool's Day

This is probably my favorite cover on this list. The pony-noose, the knife, the table full of unsuspecting college idiots...I just knew it wasn't going to end well for anyone other than April.

6. Silent Night, Deadly Night

Inside my 9 year old mind: " Santa is out to kill people too?"

7. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

I had to have been about 12 or 13 the first time I saw the orginal "Halloween" but I knew way before then that Micahel Myers was no joke. The all-time creepiest mask, the knife and the little (presumably innocent) young girl dressed as a clown all combined to become a permanent image in my mind.

8. Friday The 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives

Let's get one thing straight, the hockey mask was (and still is) scary. Added to this already unsettling image was none other than a foggy, creepy graveyard with a tombstone that simply read "Jason Lives". This cover came with very simple instructions for how to handle to Jason: "Kill or Be Killed".

9. Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

The skull WITH eyeballs still in it?! This was revolutionary to me...and not to mention, it was titled "Evil Dead" meaning that something evil was in existance.

10. Pet Sematary

By the time this movie came out, I had figured out that Stephen King wasn't fucking around about scaring people and this one right here hit it out of the terrordome. Creepy dead guy on top, super creepy pet sematary on bottom. Leave the lights on please.

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