Friday, October 30, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite Horror Films To View On or Around Halloween...

The following list is of the top ten horror films that get my blood going in the month of October. Consider these to be my personal picks for AMC's "Monster Fest" lineup. From #1 to #10 I have seen all of these at least three times and continue to love the fear that they instill in me.

(In order)

1. Halloween

The O.G. of Horror films in this particular genre. I watch this every Halloween and it still provides me with the same edge-of-my-seat feeling it did years ago.

2. The Exorcist

Don't get me wrong, I love "The Exorcist" but...this is better left alone.

3. Friday The 13th

The Crystal Lake saga began here with Mrs. Vorhees knocking off sexually promiscuous camp counselors.

4. Donnie Darko

Though not a traditional style "Horror" film, 'Donnie Darko' has become an absolute favorite of mine to watch on Halloween. The film is set in October of 1988 and culminates on Halloween nite...let's just understand that it was not hard for me to fall in love with this one.

5. The Amityville Horror

The grainy film, the overall evil tone and the "based on a true story" factor all combine to make this one a lock for me.

6. Poltergeist

"They just moved the headstones!!!!!"

7. Friday The 13th Part II

Ol' mom might be dead...but guess who isn't? Hands down my favorite sequel in the horror genre.

8. Phantasm

Yes it's cheesy...but the Tall Man is still enough to make me turn my head.

9. The Omen

"Look Damien, look at me. It's all for you Damien"

10. Pet Sematary

Zelda (the green sister with spinal meningitis that appears early in the film) still haunts me to this day! Gage was no joke either.

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