Monday, March 22, 2010

Top 5 Songs I am Currently Listening To...

1. Wilco - "Either Way"
2. Gorillaz - "Rhinestone Eyes"
3. Dum Dum Girls - "Rest of Our Lives"
4. Fleetwood Mac - "Bleed To Love Her"
5. Goldfrapp - "Believer"

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Jason said...

"Either Way" is a great song and I don't think Sky Blue Sky gets the credit is deserves. Sure, it made some top ten lists, but I really think that was a solid release, top to bottom and it is a good album for when I storm out of work and cool off in the park.

Saw them in concert a few years back (before this album...I think it was after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot came out), it was a great show, but Tweedy was mumbling a lot in between sets.