Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Records You Probably Don't Own, But Should: Vol. 6...

1. Elvis Presley - "From Elvis in Memphis" (1969)

Favorite tracks:

"Kentucky Rain"
"In the Ghetto"
"Suspicious Minds"

2. Phish - "Billy Breathes" (1996)

Favorite tracks:

"Swept Away"
"Prince Caspian"

3. Aphex Twin - "Selected Ambient Works: 85-92" (1992)

Favorite tracks:

"We Are the Music Makers"

4. Shocking Pinks - "Shocking Pinks" (2007)

Favorite tracks:

"This Aching Deal"

5. Now It's Overhead - "Now It's Overhead" (2001)

Favorite tracks:

"Blackout Curtain"
"Who's Jon"
"Goodbye Highway"
"A Skeleton on Display"

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