Friday, November 20, 2009

The Top 10 Weirdest NBA Stops Along the Way...

1. Michael Jordan: Washington Wizards

Jordan in anything other than a Bulls uniform...he should have walked away for good.

2. Rasheed Wallace: Atlanta Hawks

Rasheed earns the #2 spot because he only played 1-2 games total in Atlanta before being traded.

3. Allen Iverson: Memphis Grizzlies

At what point did Iverson think Memphis was the best way to end his career?

4. Hakeem Olajuwon: Toronto Raptors

The interesting thing about "The Dream" playing in Canada is how many people have no recollection of this actually happening.

5. Patrick Ewing: Seattle Supersonics

The look on Ewing's face says it all.

6. Karl Malone: Los Angeles Lakers

The "Mail Man" left Utah in search of the elusive ring...and never got one. All he has to show for it now is one very bizarre year as a Laker.

7. Dennis Rodman: Dallas Mavericks

Rodman on the Mavericks, let's just say this was a failed experiment.

8. Patrick Ewing: Orlando Magic

As if the SuperSonics weren't enough, Ewing packed it up once more and went to the Magic. Remember that really sad elephant you'd see at the circus as a kid? This is that sad elephant.

9. Dennis Rodman: Los Angeles Lakers

Before there was Ron Artest, there was Dennis Rodman. Rodman wore #73 on the Lakers, Artest now wears #37. Coincidence? Hmmm...

10. Shawn Kemp: Orlando Magic

With mounting child support payments to make and a crack habit to feed, why NOT join the Orlando Magic. Sadly, this guy is still attempting to make comebacks.

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