Thursday, November 12, 2009

5 Years Ago Today: Eminem releases "Encore"...

Encore is the fifth studio album by American rapper Eminem. It was set for release on November 16, 2004, but was moved up to November 12, after the album was leaked to the Internet. Encore sold 760,000 copies in its shortened three day opening week and claimed the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200. The album sold 1,632,000 copies in its first two weeks of release in the United States in November, 2004.

The shock-oriented lyrics in Eminem's previous three albums were toned down somewhat in Encore in favor of a lighter approach. Eminem was already beginning to show this lighter side on The Eminem Show and continued it with Encore.

The album features substantially more production from Dr. Dre than The Eminem Show. The Eminem Show was mostly produced by Eminem and longtime collaborator Jeff Bass.
The cover for Encore, which shows Slim Shady taking a "final bow", is representative of the fact that Eminem would soon plan to retire his alter ego.

The outro to "Encore/Curtains Down" also hints to this, as Slim Shady can be heard shooting into the audience and finally committing suicide by sticking a pistol in his mouth. These events are also depicted in the album's inlay art. The album was also made to seem as though it was recorded live, due to simulated audience claps and chants in some parts. On the front of the CD there is a mock suicide note from Eminem. it reads:

"To my familly and all my friends, thank you for everything. I will always love you. To all my fans, I'm sorry".

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