Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Up Next on the Stage: Deerhunter/No Age/Dan Deacon...

The mega indie show of all indie shows is happening tonite in Newport, KY and...I'm pretty excited for this. When I first heard that Deerhunter, No Age and Dan Deacon were going on tour together, I thought "what a lineup". A few weeks later I found out that they're not playing as separate bands, but as one collective "band", which will play each others songs. This collaborative is only happening 7 times and I consider myself very lucky to have this chance to see one of the seven dates.

Deerhunter/No Age/Dan Deacon - 2009 Tour Dates

8/1 Medford, NJ - Flying W Airport & Pool
8/2 Brooklyn, NY - Jelly Space 2009
8/3 Millvale, PA - Mr. Smalls Theatre
8/4 Newport, KY - Southgate House
8/5 Bloomington, IN - Rhinos
8/6 Madison, WI - UW Madison Memorial Terrace
8/7 Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall Ballroom

The songs I most want to see performed later:

Deerhunter songs:

Hazel St.
Vox Humana

No Age songs:

Things I Did When I was Dead
Teen Creeps
Dead Plane

Dan Deacon songs:

Crystal Cat

Suggested listening:


"Turn It Up Faggot" (2005)

"Fluorescent Grey EP" (2007)

"Cryptograms" (2007)

"Microcastle/Weird Era Cont." (2008)

"Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP" (2009)

No Age:

"Weirdo Rippers" (2007)

"Nouns" (2008)

Dan Deacon:

"Spiderman of the Rings" (2007)

"Bromst" (2009)

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