Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Up Next on the Stage: Magnolia Electric Co.

Tonite I shall cross another artist off of my "must see live" list: Magnolia Electric Co., which is something I have been wanting to do for about 6 years now.


Jason Molina is an American singer-songwriter, originally from Lorain, Ohio. He first came to prominence performing and recording as Songs: Ohia, both in solo projects and with a rotating cast of musicians. Since 2003, he has recorded either under his own name or with a stable line-up of band members as the Magnolia Electric Co.

The songs I most want to see performed later:

Leave the City
Don't Fade on Me
Doing Something Wrong
The Dark Don't Hide It
Almost Was Good Enough
The Night Shift Lullaby
Hard to Love a Man
Hammer Down
Hold On Magnolia

Suggested listening:

"Trials and Errors" (2005)

"What Comes After the Blues" (2005)

"Hard to Love a Man EP" (2005)

"Fading Trails" (2006)

"Sojourner" (2007)

"Josephine" (2009)

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