Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My 2009 MLB World Series Picks...

The time has come for me to make my annual mid-season picks for who will appear in the World Series come this October (the 105th "fall classic" is scheduled to start on October 28th). I refuse to pick the World Series participants in March...it's ridiculous to think anyone has that much foresight. So here they are...

American League: Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are playing like a well-oiled machine and I would be a fool to think they aren't going to be right there in the ALCS (hopefully against Tampa again, that was a great series last year).

National League: Los Angeles Dodgers

Joe Torre has the Dodgers playing quality baseball in a pretty weak division. I am about 40% on picking the Dodgers to be there in the NLCS.

Predicition: Boston Red Sox win series in 6 games

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