Monday, March 16, 2009

March Mikeness: My 2009 Final Four Picks

Another year, another bracket. From the beginning of this college basketball season, I have had very little interest in the collegiate hardwood. I'm not really sure why, but it never changed all season long. I watched enough ESPN to gather the most vital information. This season seemed to consist mostly of who could lose the #1 ranking from week to week. I am not sold on Pitt, UConn or UNC (who didn't even win the ACC for fuck's sake). All three of those teams seem to be quite vulnerable and able to go down to anyone willing to play just a little bit harder than them. At the end of this tournament, I will not be surprised by any's just one of those years.

My Final Four Picks:

1 Louisville vs. 2 Memphis

2 Duke vs. 2 Oklahoma

Championship Game:

1 Louisville vs. 2 Duke

2009 NCAA Champion:

Louisville Cardinals over Duke Blue Devils in Championship game

(note: I picked Louisville to win it all even before they won the Big East tournament)

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