Friday, January 22, 2010

5 Records You Probably Don't Own but Should, Vol. 5...

1. Sunny Day Real Estate - "Live" (1999)

Serving as a greatest hits collection, Sunny Day never sounded better than right here.

2. Ice Cube - "Death Certificate" (1991)

My 2nd favorite rap album of all-time. Ice Cube had a few things on his mind...and America was going to hear about length.

3. Talking Heads - "Fear of Music" (1979)

The Talking Heads are not capable of being underrated, but as far as being shelved over the years...this one is by far their most overlooked work.

4. Ugly Casanova - "Sharpen Your Teeth" (2002)

Serving as a side project for Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock, Ugly Casanova was a full expansion upon the freakier/folkier organic sound often layered upon in the Modest Mouse albums.

5. 764-HERO - "Weekends of Sound" (2000)

Hailing from the land of Seattle, WA... 764-HERO sustained those final heartbeats of the "Grunge" era well into Y2K with an album that is rich in the original feel of that Northwest music scene of the early 90's.

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