Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"American Splendor"

Harvey Pekar

A few nites ago, I watched the film "American Splendor" again. I first saw the film in 2003 while living in Bloomington, IN. I recall being moved and humbled by the film. For those who are not familiar with the film, it portrays down and out file clerk Harvey Pekar. Pekar, who calls Cleveland,OH home, is essentially a grouchy soul who shuffles through his life seemingly void of purpose or inspiration. This is until he finds his creative (and cathartic) outlet: writing comics. Pekar finds his outlet and in essence finds his purpose. Pekar is not transformed into a glowing, content person by discovering his purpose. However, Pekar remains the same cantankerous individual...but, now with a creative outlet for his grumblings. This is the purpose for me starting this blog. I am about 4-5 years overdue in using this format to write about all of the things I feel the itch to write about. Consider me inspired by Pekar. The old adage for a writer: "writers do not talk about writing, writers write". When I write, I feel my purpose. When I think about writing, I ask myself "why in the hell am I not writing?"

Things you can expect from this blog:

1. my opinions
2. my philosophy
3. praising or bitching of music
4. praising or bitching of film/television
5. praising or bitching of literature
6. sports discussion/opinions
7. my aspirations
8. my inspirations
9. observations on this wild ride we call "life"
10. observations on the things I question

Welcome to my creative outlet. Thank you Harvey.


brent haynes said...

I look forward to great things. Maybe I'll even be inspired to stop talking about writing and start writing.

Then again, maybe I'll just bitch about what you write.

ericab_rock said...

I look forward to this. congrats on the get and go.